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Recording - online session drum tracks

         "Please check out Dom. If you need drums recorded, he'll lay down some Grade A grooves for

          you from his studio, with his genuinely unique feel."


          - Iain Hornal, recording artist (ELO, 10CC, The Hornal Family)


When it comes to online drum recording I realise that the world is literally your oyster, so why choose me?


Ultimately of course it comes down to individual preference but that is based around a sensitivity to the music and how well a player can tune in to what will work well. In short, great sound and feel. That is what I will provide you for your project together with a collaborative approach that can put you right at the helm.


My philosophy when it comes to recording is simple, keep it simple. My job is primarily (but not exclusively) to capture performance and tone for others to then work on as they wish.


Every project is treated individually. Whilst I may have my own approach and personal take on a project it is vital that the music itself drives and informs the choices for a recording session.


Whether it's playing from written parts, to tracks, from guides or left open to my own interpretation the process from beginning to end is a collaborative one and I am always happy to accept or indeed suggest new ideas.


There are two services on offer


  1. Full live takes come under the Natural Drums banner. Here a full session is provided with the chance for edits, changes, alterations and additions. It's the complete bespoke package.

  2. The quicker and more budget conscious version is Natural Loops. For a one off fee, clients are offered a premium custom drum loop, recorded live, to order, to use how they see fit.


Whatever your needs from an online drum session I have a method and price to suit and would be happy to discuss your ideas anytime. Please view the Natural Drums and Natural Loops pages or contact me for more information.

Dominic Goundar, Abbey Road
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