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Natural Drums

The Natural Drum Studio is the name given to the process as much as anything else. As it might suggest there is a leaning towards, good, full, vibrant and real sounding drums but that is by no means the boundary of the approach. More accurately the name implies a natural way of working that delivers takes perfectly suited to the individual needs of the artist whatever they may be.


Whether it's a rock epic or a jazz odessey, a soul testimony or a funk declaration, a country narrative or a Latin fever the process is the same. 


Clients are provided with takes that sounds great on their own but also stand up to whatever manipulation they might see fit.


At the bottom of the page are examples of recordings done in the studio.

Custom Online Drum Tracks from £60

"Naturally" as all projects are different have different demands and needs the fee structure aims to flexibly accomodate this. 


The basic fee is £60 which covers:

- comprehensive consultation on the type of part the drums are to play throughout the track.

- full multi tracked take provided in a choice of format.


This entry level option puts most of the rhythmic and sonic control in my hands leaving the artist free to concentrate on more creative elements of the mix. 



For those wanting a more hands on approach or with a greater scope for input various "Add Ons" are available to allow for a complete control of budget and input.


- Revisions: change the groove, a section, the bass drum part, almost anything really, £20 per revised recording, per track.

- Percussion: add extra rhythmic elements from an array of possibilities, £10 per track.


- improved rates are available for multiple tracks as well as full day rates, all on request.



To discuss any aspect of what the Natural Drum Studio's online sessions can provide your project or if you have any questions on the service please get in touch via the contact page.

Project: Library Music

Mixed by Olly Price

Genre: Pop

Project: Demo

Artist: Lewis Fieldhouse

Genre: Americana Pop

Project: Show Score

Mixed by Dom Goundar

Genre: Marching Band

Project: Library Music

Mixed by Ben Ferrai

Genre: Blues Rock

Project: Album Demo

Artist: Tim Prottey-Jones

Genre: Metal

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