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Privacy Statement

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) require that all businesses issue a privacy statement to all clients and contacts, regarding the data held about the individual.

Who collects the data?

1.1 Dominic Goundar is the sole “controller” of your data.

Data Held

2.1. I hold personal contact information as well as information about each student’s drumming education, eg progress, objectives, exam results and tracking against goals. I only hold the data needed to provide the services you engage me to provide.

What I do with it

3.1. Contact information is used for scheduling, invoicing, record keeping and communicating my own services and resources.

3.2.  Invoices will be processed by Dominic Goundar personally.

3.3.  Some information will be shared with examination boards if you wish to enter for exams.

3.4.  No other data will be shared unless there is a legal obligation to do so or by specific consent.

3.5.  All reasonable steps are taken to ensure your data is processed and stored securely.

Individual Rights to the Data Held

4.1. If you wish to change or delete the information I hold about you, or if you have any concerns about your data, please contact me directly.

4.2. You have additional rights regarding the data stored about you. You can read about them here:

Reporting a breach of rights or security

5.1. If you believe your data rights or security have been breached, please contact Dominic Goundar immediately.

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